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Inspired by PDM Layton

Soir Intense.jpg

Soir Intense

Inspired by Roja Elysium Parfum Cologne (More intense version)



Inspired by Thierry Mugler Alien (Female)

Isla Tropical Prive.jpg

Isla Tropical Prive Intense

Inspired Hybrid of Creed Virgin Island Water with more lime and Ramon Monegal La Isla Blanca


Inspired hybrid of Roja Elysium Cologne and Euphony Intense.

Emperor Cologne

Inspired by: Creed

Aventus Cologne

Emperor Cologne Intense

Inspired by: Creed

Aventus Cologne

Rush Of Unicorns Intense

Inspired by: Creed 

Millesime Imperial

         NEW RELEASES        


Inspired by: Kilian Straight to Heaven  Extreme / MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 EDP

Limited number of bottles available. 



Inspired by: YSL M7 Fresh

Maverick Intense

Inspired by: YSL M7 Fresh

/ Higher impact


Inspired by: Creed Erolfa

Euphony Intense

Inspired by: Creed Erolfa

/ Higher impact

Pineapple Vintage Limited Edition.jpg

Pineapple Vintage

Limited Edition

Inspired by: Aventus

Limited number of bottles available. 

Pineapple Vintage Intense The One.jpg

Pineapple Vintage

Intense The One

Inspired by: Aventus

Our best selling composition in a higher concentration.

Enigmatic Man

Inspired by: 

Escada Magnetism

A discontinued classic summer fragrance.

Enigmatic Man white box.jpg

Sublime Leather

Inspired by: Memo Irish Leather

Emperor Colossus

Inspired by: Aventus

Coeur De Cuir

Inspired by: Louis Vuitton

Matiere Noire


Inspired by: Tom Ford

Black Orchid

Sublime Leather.jpg
Emperor Colosus.jpg
Coeur De Cuir.jpg

        PREVIOUS RELEASES       

The new Emperor Maximus and Emperor Maximus Extrait Signified by their high quality natural accord of Pineapple and citruses which extends through to the heart of the fragrance. Woody/smokey notes are slight in comparison to the previous Emperor /Extrait releases to allow for a brighter composition in the Maximus range with beautiful musks making for a smooth scent trail.


Emperor Maximus and Emperor Maximus Extrait differ in their concentration levels with the Extrait exhibiting higher impact notes.


We predict that in 2020 the Emperor Maximus range will be in the top 3 as they are the most balanced Aventus alternative with a beautiful natural accord and the performance to rival the best Aventus batches which are no longer available.


We are definitely seeing a trend online of the Emperor Range being selected not primarily for the preferable price but because the formulations are superior and with an additional Extrait option.


For the ultra Pineapple lovers, Intense Gold has been the release of the year with its incredible performance.

The 2019's results are in!

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