Pineapple Vintage is our original interpretation of Creed Aventus known in the fragrance community as a legend of men’s fragrances. When first applied, Pineapple Vintage opens with a strong and fresh Pineapple note, combined with Fleeting Birch and fresh Apple. It then gently slips into heart notes of Precious Rose, Jasmine along with a hint of Cassis. The combination of dark musky base notes of Patchouli, Birch and Ambergris rounded off by a pleasant Vanilla is excellent and gives Pineapple Vintage the smell that makes everyone go wild. Eau De Perfume with a mix of unconventional notes that ooze masculinity and great success.


Eau De Parfum 100ml 



Top notes:


Pineapple. Apple. Fleeting Birch




Middle Notes:


Pineapple. Apple. Bergamot. Cassis. Rose. Jasmine




Base Notes: 


Patchouli. Vanilla. Birch. Ambergris


Pineapple Vintage (Classic)

  • Creed Aventus - The original interpretation of Aventus from PV