The Best alternative to aventus

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May 19 2021 Aventus Inspirations 900x100


Kirk Anthopoulos

"Intense Gold - maximum pineapple and Musk. No woods really. The whole Emperor line is a more natural DNA based off 2016 Aventus batches. Regular Emperor - balanced Emperor Napoleon - I get more Vanilla. Some think this is a Aventus/Aventus cologne hybrid Emperor Maximus--still emperor DNA. But amped up pineapple."

Rob Alvarez 

"I own PVI the OG from 2017, PVI Gold, Vanilla Intense, Emperor Edp & now Maximus edp which is the closest to Aventus but I do LOVE them all."

Dave Parks

"The Emperor range are the closest to Aventus. The others that you mention are all amped up in one or more aspects but wouldn't fool you that they are Aventus. The Emperors could be an Aventus batch"

Allan Eaton 

"I finally got my hands on some emperor edp this stuff is I've tried the Extrait but it just sat close to my skin. I will definitely be getting 100ml I might even let my real Aventus go this stuff beats if hands down"

Issey E

"Everytime I wear Pineapple Vintage Intense it gets me unexpected compliments!!"

Edith Parks Turk 

"My favorite is the Intense Gold🔥🔥"

Israel Felicio

"Top 5 are in this order for me 1. Emperor Extrait 2. King Intense 3. Pineapple Vintage Intense 4. Intense Gold

5. Vanilla Intense."

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