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Discover Parfums Vintage
The Best Aventus Alternative.

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What makes our Aventus Inspired fragrances different from the many alternatives? 


Our perfumer loves Aventus. How else could one do hundreds of manual, time consuming trials to get closer to "The King" and its key trace ingredients unless he loved the nuances that make it at one time, the best fragrance in the industries history. 

Buyers of some clone company's versions try to convince themselves that a $40 product that has an ingredients budget of a few dollars is going to match one costing $300. 

If these cheap clones were even a 70% similarity then there would be no need for Parfums Vintage. Our $159 versions thrive because they are abundant in the key ingredients that distinguish this iconic fragrance from the cheap clones. 

We have analysed these inferior offerings and even allowing for their low budget of ingredients, they could be much smoother than the crude lemon that results in the wearer having to tolerate the detergent grade composition for the first few hours with the "comfort" that it costs just $40. Others "Explore" inexpensive laundry musks in high concentrations that try to mask the harsh citruses that low budgets result in. Unfortunately, the particular laundry musk that the accountant's budget allowed the perfumer to use can't provide adequate longevity as it is simply inferior and lacks the substantive fixing qualities that the superior musks offer. 


Then you have the companies who offer "Extrait" in everything that they release. 

Artificially filling the content to "Extrait" strength using aroma free fillers. Typically, just 25% of the concentration of these pre-made clone oils are aroma producing ingredients.  They offer weekly 25% discounts with the 32% filler manipulation of the product. Naturally, this is far more profitable than the model of pursuing quality. 


Multiply the effects of dozens of inferior ingredients in one composition and the result is a race to the bottom that Parfums Vintage have no interest in.


We have just celebrated our 5th Year Anniversary. Our pursuit of quality ingredients is unwavering. 


With the owner of the business being the perfumer, not a self proclaimed Master Perfumer, we do not have accounts departments dictating caps on ingredients for each release. In the past 18 months we have doubled down on pursuing and purchasing ingredients that previously were not available. 

Minimum order quantities of individual ingredients that sometimes can only be purchased in the hundreds of Kilos that would be prohibitive to some companies. Others have the capability but they don't have the will. The plethora of poor Aventus alternatives on the market show this time and time again. 


Our USP is simply more. What drives us is our will to make the best version possible. 


In 2018 we released the best alternatives on the market. Emperor EDP and Emperor Extrait. 

They thrive due to their quality in a market of cheap alternatives. 

*We have more will to spend the time on manual trials when the GCMS analysis reaches it's limit that our competitor's rely heavily on before they move onto the next fragrance to try to match. 

Meanwhile, we often do a few hundred more trials on the ones that we love and release months after the other companies have rushed to offer their 60% optimal version of what was possible. 


*We spend more capital on sourcing the appropriate ingredients required. Even if these ingredients are fifty times the price in some cases.

These are often trace amounts that are required to make the  difference. This is clearly not the most profitable model but we wouldn't have it any other way. 


Once the superior ingredients are in hand, they are integrated into our trials. 

There is no cap on ingredient costs. Evaluating and trialling the ingredients, trace amounts,  significant amounts and every iteration in between. Proprietary ingredients that don't even publicise their existence but are only discovered by research and custom bases ordered to exhaust possibilities.

It is not uncommon for trials on new releases to take six to eight months. 

Will, time and capital will not be our obstacle. 


In 2021 we released Emperor Galerius and Emperor Aurelius Noir. Releases that are the preferred option for many, whilst others still prefer the compositions and notes from the 2018 releases. Our formulas are more consistent and we don't have wildly varying batch variations. Any formulation change is given a  new name such as our best selling 2017 release Pineapple Vintage Intense, widely considered the pinnacle of ethereal Pineapple fragrance so we revisited the formula in 2020 with new molecules in our palette we released Intense THE ONE which has so much pineapple that it is very much it's own fragrance which is the favourite of many due to the compliments such a fragrance garners from passers-by and loved ones. 

We exist to make the highest quality alternative and most of our customers found us by being frustrated with "The King" and its many inferior alternatives. 

Kirk Anthopoulos

"Intense Gold - maximum pineapple and Musk. No woods really. The whole Emperor line is a more natural DNA based off 2016 Aventus batches. Regular Emperor - balanced Emperor Napoleon - I get more Vanilla. Some think this is a Aventus/Aventus cologne hybrid Emperor Maximus--still emperor DNA. But amped up pineapple."

Fragrance reviewer
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