Eau De Parfum 100ml 

Made up of high-quality ingredients Pineapple Vintage Noir is our original interpretation of Aventus by The House of Creed- the most distinct perfume in the world. This is a smokey version of our Pineapple Vintage Eau De Parfum. Immediately after the application Pineapple Vintage Noir offers a fruity experience thanks to the leading accords of phenomenal Pineapple and Apple backed by a smokiness coming from Birch. As time goes on, the floral heart of Rose and Jasmine, as well as Bergamot and Cassis, is revealed with Birch and Pineapple still working hard to create an effectively alluring experience. The Pineapple note eventually subsides once the dry down reaches the earthy, mossy base notes with hints of Vanilla balancing the sweetness of the fragrance.


Top Notes:
Pineapple. Apple. Birch


Middle Notes:
Pineapple. Birch. Bergamot. Cassis. Rose. Jasmine.


Base Notes:
Patchouli. Vanilla. Birch. Ambergris

Pineapple Vintage Noir

  • Creed Aventus - The original interpretation of Aventus from PV