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Terms and Conditions apply*

* Offer valid while stocks last. 

* Offer begins 15th - 21st September 2021 Dubai time while stocks last. 

* 15% off everything - coupon code 15SEPT

* Addresses must be verified by Paypal.

* Separate orders will be sent with separate shipping, they will not be combined.

* We do not accept exchange or returns. If in doubt, samples should be purchased prior to ordering any bottles. 

* Parfums Vintage has the right to cancel any orders due to the violation/ misrepresentation of our Terms and Conditions.

* We reserve the right to cancel any orders at our discretion without prior notice.

* Due to the high volume of orders and additional COVID safety precautions that we have in place, we are expecting order fulfillment to take a little longer than usual.


IMPORTANT - European orders (NOT UK):



* We have recently applied a competitive shipping rate from the US to the EU (and many other countries) via FedEx  so that customers can continue to receive our products after Brexit.

* Parfums Vintage have subsidised a large portion of the shipping charge for international orders. 

International orders above $130 will have a flat rate of $19. Shipping colognes/ perfumes has always been expensive due to classification as dangerous goods and since 2020 courier companies have 

significantly increased their rates due to the COVID-19 impact on the number of flights.

* Orders to the EU will be sent from our fulfillment centre in the US with immediate effect due to the UK leaving the EU in January and the unknown tariffs, general EU bureaucracy and it’s impact on goods from the UK to Europe. Your country may apply duty/ VAT on the item 

being received from the US and this is beyond our control. We will not entertain any queries about your countries duties and you should 

enquire with your own countries customs prior to ordering. This information will likely be readily available online. 

* Addresses must be verified by Paypal.

* UK Orders: Will be sent from within the UK as normal.