Eau De Parfum 


Evolution De L'Homme Matin Eau De Parfume inspired by Elysium pour Homme Cologne by Roja Dove is our interpretation of this fragrance with Patchouli added in place of Vetiver and more concentrated Top and Mid Notes. The opening is very citrusy, well blended together with each note contributing to the whole composition with Artemisia and Thyme coming into view. In the heart of this exquisite blend, we see heavenly smelling Jasmine, Blackcurrant, Apple, Rose Cypriol, Cedar and Patchouli, executed with great balance against drier base notes of Birch, Musk and Ambergris. All surrounded by the subtle sweetness of Vanilla. Evolution De L'Homme Matin is a multi-dimensional, classy scent.




Evolution De L'Homme Matin available in 50ml & 100ml 




Top Notes:

Pink Pepper, Juniper Berries, Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot, Lime, Thyme and Artemisia



Middle Notes:

Jasmine, Black Currant, Apple, Rose Cypriol, Cedar and Patchouli



Base Notes:

Birch, Musk, Vanilla and Ambergris


Evolution De L'Homme Matin

  • Roja Dove Elysium - Patchouli Added in place of Vetiver, Top and Mid Notes more concentrated than Soir