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  • Are discount code available?
    Some fragrance companies charge $65 - $75 per 30ml ($215- $250 per 100ml) and then offer periodical 30% discount codes to give the impression that there is a promotional discount. Even with a 30% discount code applied, their price is more expensive than our average priced 100ml product. The average Parfums Vintage 100ml price is $139 at full price and this covers our most popular releases such as Pineapple Vintage Intense which was our most popular fragrance in 2017 and 2018. Building on the success of this product, we trialled new compositions with higher impact molecules in the Intense Gold and Emperor range which is $159 per 100ml and these have been the most popular releases since 2019. Extrait versions are available which takes the higher impact molecules to a higher concentration. Follow us on social media to receive updates regarding promotions and new releases.
  • Can I change my order/change address?
    We cannot change addresses due to Paypal rules on protection. You will need to contact within 24 hours of placing your order to make a cancelation request to facilitate reordering the correct fragrance.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    We can cancel the order (if the order has not yet been processed). A tracker not yet raised is not an indication that fulfilment have not received your order. Once an order has been passed to fulfilment then we cannot cancel. As a result, we will need to check if we can cancel.
  • Do you accept exchanges or returns?
    We make samples available prior to ordering the full bottles and therefore there is no need to be purchasing full bottles of a fragrance that you haven't sampled prior. We ship orders without prior sampling however, this is with the customer agreeing to the Terms and Conditions that bottles are not exchangeable or returnable. Terms and Conditions are highlighted and are manually clicked prior to proceeding to purchase. Fragrance is subjective and this is why we make samples available so that there is no reason to be buying a full bottle which is a cosmetic product which cannot be re-sold once used.
  • Where can I track and trace my package?
    US and UK ship out from our fulfillment within 3 business days and International orders ship out within 6 business days. We are fulfilling orders within the above timeline and trackers are not raised prior to this timeline. Holidays and Weekends are not business days. Trackers will be sent once the order has been shipped. Please check your Spam and Junk mail folders.
  • Do you have a list of your fragrances inspirations?
    Please click the link where you can find the list of our fragrances.
  • Do you have a list of your fragrances for Summer/Winter/Spring?
    Please click the link where you can find the list of our fragrances.
  • Are your prices in USD?
    Yes prices are in USD.
  • Do you have shops/partners in Europe, or can your products only be purchased from your online store?"
    Solely online.
  • What is the maximum number of samples that can be ordered?
    We have tried to make sampling as affordable as possible and regretfully this has led to some misuse and amendments to our sampling policy have since been implemented. A maximum of 15 samples per transaction can be ordered. Please note that we do not send multiples of the same product sample.
  • Where can I buy your fragrances in the UK?
    You can purchase from our website. UK orders will be posted from within the UK in 2 to 3 business days.
  • Why do we have so many versions of Pineapple fragrances?
    The Pineapple line is extensive as some customers prefer more amped up desirable notes such as natural Pineapple whilst others prefer darker and more complex woody accords. Others prefer higher concentration fragrances with amped up Pineapple Such as Intense Gold with a strong musky background whilst others share a preference for the balanced Emperor range. Longevity expectations vary with each customer and we offer Intense and Extrait versions where appropriate. We see comments online "that there are too many Pineapple versions". It has been said since 2017. We also see comments when we release a new product in the Pineapple range and it becomes their new favourite. Cliche's seem logical at first glance whilst our perfumer is solely interested in offering high quality options and a version which is consistent so that your favourite composition is available. In late 2018 we released the Emperor and Emperor Extrait which have turned out to be our most popular and best selling fragrances. Play at four minutes in to this Aventus fans review to discover why:

Parfums Vintage: Our Most Frequent Vintage Perfume & Store Questions Answered

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